From November 2nd to 3rd, the Beijing International Center for Mathematics Research (BICMR) and the German Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (HCM) jointly organized thematic academic activities, which were held at the famous Max Planck Institute of Mathematics (MPIM).

With the theme of “Beijing Meets Bonn”, this event aims to promote exchanges between the mathematics circles of China and Germany, enhance mutual understanding, and share high-quality academic resources. The German organizer of the event, the Hausdorff Mathematics Center, is the only mathematics institution that is financially supported by the German government’s Excellence Initiative. It was established in 2006 and was jointly organized by six well-known German research institutions, including Max Planck. Institute of Mathematics and Hausdorff Institute of Mathematics (HIM). The existing Hausdorff Mathematics Center Director and Coordinator Professor Karl-Theodor Sturm, Max Planck Mathematics Institute Director Professor Werner Ballmann, Hausdorff Mathematics Institute Director Professor Wolfgang Lück, Beijing International Mathematics Research Center Director Professor Tian Gang and Associate Director Professor Liu Xiaobo and other academic leaders, as well as young scholars who are gradually emerging.

Professor Werner Ballmann delivered a speech at the opening ceremony on the morning of the 2nd. After the opening ceremony were two days of intense academic activities. Professor Tian Gang, Professor Liu Xiaobo, Professor Xu Chenyang, Associate Professor Liu Ruochuan, Assistant Professor Fang Bohan of BICMR, Professor Werner Ballmann, Professor Geordie Williamson, Professor Tobias Dyckerhoff, Professor Wolfgang Lück, Professor Karl-Theodor Sturm and other 10 mathematicians of HCM are This event brought 10 special reports. These reports discussed cutting-edge issues in the fields of differential geometry, symplectic geometry and mathematical physics, algebraic geometry, number theory, representation theory, non-commutative algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, and random analysis. Feng Renjie, assistant professor of BICMR, also participated in this event.

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